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That which we do not bring into consciousness appears in our lives as fate.
Carl Jung, M.D.

Gregory P. Brown, M.D.

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Hi: my name is Dr. Gregory Brown. Dr. Greg. This is a bit of my personal story that I wanted to share. I’m a board certified psychiatrist, and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry.

I had a near life-long challenge with weight. The key word in that sentence is “had.” I’ve lost more than 65 pounds now and kept it off for years. But that is a real picture of me from 2010. One of very few which exist from back then. No photoshopping. . . .

But before, I was the person who when wait staff asked if I “wanted French Fries with that," my thinking was “what else could I want with a burger. . . . of course.”

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be sharing information about physical health and weight loss, I would have honestly thought you were deeply misinformed. I just wasn’t “that person.”

But after I hit my all time high weight between 2010 and 2011, I realized in a moment on that hateful scale that I really had to do something. After 30 years of the diet yoyo, something had to change inside me.

And I also knew that I wasn’t going to spend my life in a gym, and that I would have to find a diet where I didn’t feel deprived. Those two realities had to be the pillars of support for my new life.

I looked everywhere to find some information about the successful journey of weight loss, but it just didn’t exist. . .

Diet books and exercise books all say that this new plan has to become a lifestyle. But none of them tell you how.

I’d even evaluated hundreds of patients considering lap band surgery, which can be very helpful for some, but I wasn’t willing to consider that as a personal solution.

I knew that I could bring all the skills and knowledge of my background as a physician specializing in psychiatry. But figuring out which things would help make the inner change was more of a challenge to figure out than I guessed early on.

As amazing as it sounds, only two hours of my medical school was devoted to diet physiology. And nothing in my psychiatric residency even broached the topic.

I knew friends and colleagues and patients who successfully lost weight and kept it off, but I knew a lot more who lost a bit, and then gained it all back. That yoyo diet. . . .

I had a few “shower insights,” you know those little things that pop into your head when you’re not focused on a particular thing. One was that we all really and wrongly believe that when we finish losing some weight we can go back to our old lifestyle but still keep the weight off. That’s one of those huge lies we all tell ourselves.

Another insight was that weight and eating serve a whole series of needs all at one time. What psychoanalysts used to call “overdetermination.” Get rid of one emotional cause, and the behavior doesn’t yet change because it is serving several purposes.

But how about discovering those inner purposes and replacing the eating with something else that fills the need but doesn’t lead to eating?

As it turns out, I discovered a series of separate tools and put them together in a unique way to really empower you in your journey. And I got rid of some cravings along the way which took care of those “problem foods.” In fact I haven’t even wanted French Fries for years, with no deprived feelings at all.

After losing what is now 65 pounds, and keeping those pounds off for years. . . .

I wrote the Amazon Best Seller, “New Mind New Body: The Inner Makeover for a New You,” to share everything I discovered so that you can benefit from my years of struggle.

Now you can check out my free course: Scientific Weight Loss, the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model to get a fantastic overview of the method we psychiatrists use to understand any symptom or problem, not just weight.

When you’re ready to move a step closer to success, check it out.
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Gregory P. Brown, M.D., aka Dr. Greg, is a physician, but he is not your physician. The information contained in his website, book, course, and coaching is there to provide you with tools he’s used in his own transformation. It is not and should not be construed as any form of medical advice. The techniques included should be safe for the average adult, but you should seek the aid of a local physician, psychotherapist or psychiatrist if they are associated with any discomfort for you. Although these tools will provide a path towards success in your goals, this information does not guarantee particular weight loss goals. Results will vary for each consumer based upon their needs, individual efforts and circumstances. Please see Full Medical Disclaimer Here.
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