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But I Really Really Love Bread [or whatever]

So I hear people say all the time things like:  “I could never give up bread. . .” or french fries, or cheesecake.  Or:  “How can manage on a keto diet like Atkins?”

So the question comes from a mindset that the foods we like, or “crave,” have some kind of power over us.  Almost like a piece of Red Velvet Cake could literally control your will to point of forcing you to eat it. 

And, it really does feel like that sometime.

But asking this question is really asking the wrong question at the wrong level of reality, because the question already presumes that you have lost control over the food.  It’s almost the definition of a craving.

But, how about starting with a different question.  A question that will give you power back over you.

The new question is “do you want to like that food so much or would you rather like it less or not at all?”

Because if you truly want to love that food to much, that’s quite fine.  But if you’d prefer to not like it, you can eliminate that craving in a matter of minutes with several easy techniques.  

You don’t have to rely upon willpower to avoid food if you no longer like the food.  

Hmmmmm. . . . . 

So now the question becomes are you happy with liking the foods you currently like or not?  

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